Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday, November 3

It was so exciting to Skype with Mrs. Polito today!  Even though she's over 6500 miles away, we were able to see and talk to her!  Be sure to check out her blog at to view her journal and photos of her adventures in China!

REMINDER:  Tomorrow is a SIP Day, as well as Election Day, which means NO SCHOOL for you!  Enjoy your day off and I'll see you on Wednesday morning!

Morning Work: DWP: In China, it is a custom to bring a gift for your host.  What gift would you bring?  Explain why. 
Reading: Read for 20 minutes; Practice Packet p. 52-53
Spelling: P. 47
Grammar: P. 45
Cursive: Monday and Tuesday
Adv. Math: Math Journal p. 74
OTHER: Backward Clothes Day!