Monday, February 23, 2009

Thursday, February 26

Please bring in your March Conference slip by Tuesday, March 3rd!
Morning Work: DWP 
Reading: Practice packet p. 137; Read for 20 minutes -- February Reading Contract/Projects-- Continue reading your mystery novel. Due March 2.
Spelling: STUDY this week's words for tomorrow's test
Grammar: REVIEW this week's packet for tomorrow's test
Cursive: Week 22 - Monday
Science: Complete the last five questions in your SIJ(Science Inquiry Journal) -- Due Mon., 3/2.
OTHER: March Conference slips due Tuesday, Mar. 3!

*** ISATS are NEXT WEEK! ***
Please be sure to get enough restful sleep next week and eat a healthy breakfast!  

Here is our testing schedule:

1:30-2:35 Math I

10:45-12:15 Reading I

10:45-12:15 Reading II
1:30-2:25 Math II

10:45-12:15 Reading III
1:30-2:35 Math III

10:45-12:15 Science I
1:30-2:35 Science II