Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday, October 9

This week's "GLOWS" and "GROWS":

Our "GLOWS" from this week:
* Visiting Panwapa Island and making our Panwapa people and cards
* Playing Volcano Jeopardy!
* Matt Wilhelm assembly
* Earning extra credit in science
* STARS lunch
* Doing well on Volcano test
* Nice, long weekend -- no school Friday or Monday
* Student #11 is back! :)
* 4th Grade Show rehearsals
* Making get-well cards for students 8 & 11
* Student #10's birthday tomorrow
Our "GROWS" for next week:
* Turn our homework in on time
* Work quieter in class
* Study for tests
* Try to beat our record for "THE Game"
* Practice our parts/songs for the 4th grade show
* Fill out our assignment notebooks
* Behave more like mature 4th graders

Morning Work: DWP: Imagine you are a wild animal.  Describe your typical day and what you would see from the animal's point of view.
Reading: Read for 20 minutes. 
Cursive: Thursday